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Find Out Why Over 100 Doctors Have Come To Samyak Drishti For LASIK?

Samyak Drishti was established in South Mumbai in 2005 by Dr. Sujal Shah, the first surgeon in India to perform wavefront-optimized LASIK, Presbyond LASIK and SMILE. Dr. Sujal Shah has trained and mentored many surgeons in LASIK who have gone on to become successful in their own right. He has personally performed more than 50,000 vision correction surgeries.

Since its inception, Samyak Drishti has been at the forefront of technology and research in LASIK. Here we test, evaluate and often conduct clinical trials in the latest technologies available for vision correction so that, by the time they are approved, Dr. Shah is already experienced in their use.

Clear Vision. Better Life.

Why Choose Samyak Drishti?


As an early adopter, Dr. Sujal Shah was the first surgeon in India to perform Wavefront-Optimized LASIK, Presbyond LASIK and SMILE long before their approval. He is also an expert in topography guided LASIK, wavefront guided LASIK and customized crosslinking for keratoconus. .

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Dr. Manisha Shah is experienced in performing LASIK, Femto-LASIK and SMILE. She takes a special interest in dry eye and customized crosslinking for keratoconus. She also conducts a community ophthalmology clinic as an altruistic exercise to offer state-of-the-art medical care to the underprivileged

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State-Of-The-Art Technology, In A State-Of-The-Art Facility.

Top eye doctors in Mumbai, Dr. Sujal Shah and Dr. Manisha Shah will perform your vision correction surgery, in their state-of-the-art surgery centre, designed to ensure safe and effective eye surgery. Our dust-free environment and power backup system are features typically found only in hospitals.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your examination is hi-tech and thorough and your surgery is performed with maximum safety and effectiveness.

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Our technology includes the most advanced lasers in use for vision correction surgery, including:

  • The MEL80 excimer laser equipped with flying-spot, high speed eye-tracking, Precise Pulse technology and Oculign Iris Registration technologies provides an exceptional level of accuracy in correcting your vision.
  • The MEL 80 excimer laser links seamlessly with the advanced diagnostics via CRS Master (Customized Refractive Surgery) software providing customized solutions to individual eyes. We include Wavefront Technology as part of your LASIK treatment. The Wavefront software allows us to choose between Corneal Wavefront and Ocular Wavefront guided treatments to correct minor imperfections unique to your vision, offering patients superior vision.

The VisuMax Femtosecond laser uses pulses of laser light to create a corneal flap, which is then lifted so that Femto-LASIK can proceed. Visu-LASIK (Femto-LASIK) ensures blade-free LASIK surgeries, which are more comfortable, more precise and faster healing.

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Wavefront technology allows Mumbai Eye Surgeons, Dr. Sujal Shah & Dr. Manisha Shah to examine your vision with more accuracy than the standard vision correction technology.

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Personalized Vision Correction

When it comes to your eyes, one size does not fit all. Your eyes are just as unique as your fingerprints, and the exact correction that you need will differ from the correction required by anyone else.

At Samyak Drishti, we have the resources available to diagnose, plan and treat your eyes so that you can have your best possible personal vision. We can offer you the exact treatment that you need, not just the treatment that is easiest for us to give you. Because they are leading researchers in the field, the doctors at Samyak Drishti can offer you vision correction options other than LASIK and will personalize your vision care with the technique that is best suited for your eyes. If you're not the right candidate for a given procedure, they will tell you why and suggest appropriate alternatives.

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  • Samyak Drishti was established in South Mumbai in 2005 by Dr. Sujal Shah, the first surgeon in India to perform Wavefront Optimized LASIK, Presbyond LASIK and SMILE.
  • 101, 1st Floor, Sukh Sagar, N S Patkar Marg, Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai- 400007