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We may not be the clinic for you, but we believe in helping every patient make the right decision. That's what this website is all about.


Laser eye surgery can transform your life. It can mean an escape from spectacles and contact lenses, reading glasses, bifocals or varifocals. But it is not something to rush into. You need to understand all the options of which the samyak drishti laser centre is just one.


Many clinics base their surgery largely on your lens prescription, but this is a fairly blunt tool. While you might have the same prescription as someone else, the actual shape and surface of your eyes are completely unique -


The Samyak Drishti aims for the ultimate in both medical care and customer service. Everyone in the team, from reception to our Patient Care Coordinators, optometrists, nurses and surgeons, is focused on your wellbeing, and on delivering a truly exceptional experience.

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"I am so happy with my vision. Thank you for the beautiful gift of sight"

"We are thrilled with our improved vision! We just wanted to thank you for the kindness, help and support you have given our family, throughout our LASIK Surgery. It was so reassuring to have you help us!"